How do we grow closer to one another as a married couple? The aforementioned questioned is asked in many a counseling session. The answer is rather simple, both husband and wife MUST strive to grow closer to God. So many counselors, self help authors, and divorce attorneys would be out of business if married couples would just remember the triangle.

The triangle is a very simple construct. There is a base, made up of two corners, and a head, made up of one corner. All three corners are filled. God is at the top and the husband and wife are on the two corners of the base. Now, at this point, all three are as far from one another as they can be and still remain in the triangle. The idea, since God is immovable, is for the husband and wife, BOTH, to draw closer to God. As the husband and wife draw closer to God they will, by default, draw closer to each other.

Notice that if the triangle is on its side where God is at the base and one of the spouses are at the head that the spouses getting closer to one another will draw one farther away from God. Also, there will no longer be a balanced construct which can support itself. The construct, in this case the marriage, will collapse.

Also, if the husband and the wife is at the base and something other than God is at the head, such as, career, monetary gain, material possession, or another human, then the husband and the wife are getting closer to one another but reaching the top of the triangle they are left wanting in their desires. Its is only God who can fill us and make us whole. He alone is substantive. Once the husband and the wife reach the head of the triangle when something or someone other than God is the head the entire construct fails because God is the only thing which can sustain. Everything in this earth fades away (2 Cor. 4:18).

So, whether it be husband and wife, father and child, mother and child, brother and sister, friend and friend, or anyone with whom one would desire a closer relationship, both parties must needs draw closer to God. I can not help but think of the words of Jesus, “but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Mat. 6:33).”

Tony Brewer